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The iLash Studio Handbook











________________________                   ________________________


Welcome to The iLash Studio Team!  


You’re a part of something very special.  More than just a fast-growing new brand, The iLash Studio is a family.  A group of people who care a great deal about each other. We all have individual and common shared goals and we have a deep commitment to both.  Like any family, we rally around each other, provide support, share in the wins and help one another through tough times.  You’re also a part of the first shop to open in Charleston!


Enclosed you will find lots of useful information about The iLash Studio and what we’re all about as a company. Please take the time to read it-there’s good stuff in here .


We take hiring people very seriously.  You were chosen not only for your specific skills but more importantly, your personality, attitude and character.  


The most important thing we ask is that you share our passion and commitment to customer service.  We’re obsessed with making sure each and every customer has a truly remarkable experience. Every day. No exceptions.  


Additionally, we want The iLash Studio to be a super fun and exciting place to work.  Where everyone is equally respected and ideas are shared. This is an exciting time to join The iLash Studio.  We’re small, nimble and growing fast.  There are all kinds of opportunities for you to grow with us, and we always try to promote from within.  


So again, welcome to The iLash Studio!  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your commitment and hard work, and for deciding to be a part of this fabulous team.  Don’t forget to HAVE FUN!


Love and Lashes,



What we look for in potential employees:

Extreme, over-the-top Customer Service is the most important thing to us!


All iLash Studio employees should be extremely friendly and outgoing!  We’re looking for big personalities, friendly souls and people who are as obsessed with The iLash Studio as we are.  We work very hard to create a warm, inviting and fun atmosphere and we’re looking for that same passion from our employees.  


Technicians should be great at all of the services we provide, but must also be extremely, patient, tolerant, personable and fun.  We bend over backwards for our clients. Technician’s shampoo their own client’s lashes and take care of them through the entire experience.  No divas here.    


Perks and Benefits 

  • Free services Sunday-Thursday (provided the appointment time is not otherwise in demand by a paying client). Please tip your stylist based on the full retail price of your service.  

  • FREE SNACKS!!!! 

  • 40% off all retail products 


Time Clock

All iLash Studio employees are required to comply with this timekeeping policy at all times. Every non-exempt (hourly) employee, as well as anyone supervising an exempt employee, must follow the procedures and processes described below to ensure the safe, accurate and proper recording of time worked in each shop  


The Mindbody electronic time keeping system is the official basis for recording hours worked for all hourly paid employees of The iLash Studio.  

  • It is mandatory that all non-exempt (hourly) employees clock in at the start of their shift and clock out at the end of their shift.

  • Under certain conditions (such as training at an off-site location) when an employee cannot clock in or out at their shop, the employee must inform his/her manager of the time worked so that it can be manually entered.  

  • NO employee is allowed to clock in/out for another employee at any time.  

  • Falsification or tampering with time records is strictly prohibited and may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.  


The iLash Studio complies with federal and state legal requirements concerning meal periods and rest breaks.  The iLash Studio recognizes that employees perform at their best when they have the rest and nourishment they need.  This policy explains when The iLash Studio expects employees to take meal periods and rest breaks.  


Meal Periods

We allow employees to take an hour for lunch.  This mealtime is unpaid, but you are free to run an errand, make a phone call or eat during this time.  



Late/Sick/: What You Need to Know


I’m going to be late! 

The leadership team in our shop is very passionate about The iLash Studio, our clients and our team.  We’ve brought you on because we truly believe that you are an amazing asset and that your contributions will be valuable. In order to do that, we need to ensure that the studio is fully staffed for anticipated business and that everyone is pulling their weight on the team.  We Are Family!  So…


We expect you to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled shift but if something crazy happens and you’re going to be late, you must CALL the manager on duty ASAP. NO TEXTING.  Put the managers mobile number into your smart phone now, carry it with you on a note or memorize it. No phone, no Buenos.  You must have an active phone that you use and monitor regularly. 



You MUST call the Manager to let him/her know you’re ill and will not be able to come in.  Know that this is a very big deal.  Everyone in the shop will need to work together to cover your absence and someone else will need to give up their day off to cover for you.  In addition, if you call out stick on the same day as your shift it is MANADATORY that you provide the manager with a doctor’s note. 

Equal Employment Opportunity 

The iLash Studio does not discriminate against a person because of his or her gender, race, color, age, disability, national origin, sexual orientation or veteran status.  The iLash Studio is an equal opportunity employer.  The company’s policy of equal employment opportunity and non-discrimination extends to recruitment, employment, advancement and promotion, compensation and benefits administration, training and development and other personnel actions.  

Americans with Disabilities Act

The iLash Studio does not discriminate against people with disabilities and will make reasonable accommodation for all employees and customers with disabilities.


The Manager is the designated as the ADA coordinator. All complaints in regard to ADA violations shall be referred to the Manager. The Manager will work with and on behalf of the company to coordinate reasonable accommodations for disabilities.  


Anti-harassment policy

The iLash Studio is committed to providing a work environment free of unlawful harassment and discrimination.  Therefore, in accordance with applicable law, The iLash Studio prohibits harassment and discrimination because of race, color, sex or gender, national origin, ancestry, religion, creed, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, sexual orientation, age, or any other basis protected by federal, state or local law.  The iLash Studio’s policy prohibits harassment and discrimination of employees, applicants and persons providing services pursuant to contract.  The iLash Studio is committed to taking all reasonable steps to prevent harassment and discrimination from occurring.  If you believe that you are being harassed, you must promptly report this immediately to Sebastian Culpepper or Drew Danforth. Any iLash Studio employee, including supervisors and managers, who is found to have engaged in unlawful harassment or discrimination is subject to disciplinary action up to and including discharge from employment.  An employee who engages in harassment or discrimination may be held personally liable for monetary damages.  The iLash Studio will NOT pay damages assessed personally against any employee.  

The 3 Strikes Policy

Okay, here’s the tough love part (it had to come at some point).  Like we said in the beginning, we’re OBSESSED with customer service, so we have a few seriously important things you can’t let happen.  Following these rules will help us ensure that every customer has a truly amazing experience. Here’s how it works…if one of the below should ever happen (don’t let it!), you’ll find yourself sitting down with your manager for a warning. (This will not be fun.)  Do it again, and you’ll receive your second and final warning.  NOTICE: Final means final, because if it happens a third time, you will be terminated.  Seriously.  This is absolutely the last thing we want to have happen so please read the guidelines below, memorize them and never, ever let them happen.  



-Receive a founded customer complaint

-Arrive to work not in dress code

-Don’t wear the yellow apron

-Have your cell phone on the floor

-Show up more than 5 minutes late without a call to manager currently ON DUTY, or more than 10 minutes late, even with a call. Remember ON TIME means 15 minutes before your shift. 


The iLash Studio employees are “at will”, which means that you can be terminated at any time for any reason, or for no reason.  The “3 Strikes Policy” does not change this.  


Open Door Policy

At some time during your employment, you may have a complaint, suggestion, or question about your job, your working conditions or the treatment you are receiving.  We ask that you take your concerns within a week directly to your manager who will investigate and provide a solution or explanation.  The iLash Studio values your input and you should feel free to raise issues of concern without fear of retaliation.  We cannot solve problems we don’t know about!

Social Media Policy

These guidelines are important—because if you don’t follow them a few things could happen: your posts can get deleted, we could lose customers and investors, we could get in trouble, or, worst of all, you could even lose your job … So do the right thing, stick to the guidelines.  This applies to multi-media, social networking sites and blogs.  


Keep in mind… 

There’s really no such thing as “delete” on the Internet, so please—think before you post. 

Some subjects can invite a flame war. Be careful discussing things where emotions run high (e.g. politics and religion) and show respect for others’ opinions. 

It’s a small world. Remember that what you say can be seen by customers and employees all over the world. 

Respect other people’s stuff. Just because something’s online doesn’t mean it’s OK to copy it. 

Your job comes first. Unless you are an authorized Social Media Manager, don’t let social media affect your job performance.   


How to be the best … 

Play nice. Be respectful and considerate, no trolling, troll baiting, or flaming anybody, even our competitors. 

Be yourself. Be the first to out that you are a iLash Studio employee—and make it clear that you are not a company spokesperson. 

If you screw up? Correct it immediately and be clear about what you’ve done to fix it. Contact the social media team if it’s a real doozy. 

Add value. Make sure your posts really add to the conversation. If it promotes The iLash Studio’s goals and values, supports our customers, improves or helps us sell products, or helps us do our jobs better, then you are adding value.


Don’t even think about it…

Talking about financial information, your pay, others pay, sales trends, strategies, forecasts, legal issues, future promotional activities. 

Talking about the studio, co-employees or clients.

Giving out personal information about customers or employees. 

Posting photos taken in the shop, clients or confidential or non-public information. 

Responding to an offensive or negative post by a customer. There’s no winner in that game.

The iLash Studio Rules of Conduct and Job Performance


The iLash Studio team members are expected to observe certain standards of job performance and good conduct.


The rules set forth below are intended to provide our team members with fair notice of what is expected of them.  However, such rules cannot identify every type of unacceptable conduct and performance.  The following list is intended to set out certain limited examples and is not intended to be exhaustive.  Team members should be aware that conduct not specifically listed below, but which adversely affects or is otherwise detrimental to the interest of The iLash Studio, other team members, clients, or business partners, may also result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension without pay and/or immediate termination at the sole discretion of The iLash Studio.


The following serious misbehavior/misconduct is considered unacceptable:


  1. Dishonesty of any kind including falsifying time records, reason for a leave of absence, workers’ compensation fraud, falsifying any information provided to the company or committing a fraudulent act or a breach of trust under any circumstances.

  2. Soliciting The iLash Studio clients, employees and vendor partners for business engagements outside of The iLash Studio for personal gain or another competitor’s gain, whether the nature of that gain is financial or degrades The iLash Studio brand.

  3. Theft of property or assets from co-workers, clients, The iLash Studio or misappropriation in handling company funds, assets expense accounts or records.  Engaging in unauthorized use or removal of The iLash Studio supplies, property or assets for personal purposes.

  4. Deliberate or careless damage or destruction of any company property or that of a co-worker, client or other affiliate.  Carelessness, negligence or unauthorized use of company equipment including tools, machinery and safety gear.  

  5. The unauthorized use, possession, purchase, sale, manufacture, distribution, transportation, or dispensation of alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription drugs.  Being under the influence of alcohol or any illegal drug or other controlled substance on the premises while conducting company business or working while impaired by the use of a legal drug.  

  6. Causing, creating or participating in a disruption of any kind during working hours on company premises.  Provoking a fight, threatening violence or fighting.  Using abusive, obscene or threatening language or gestures.  Participating in horseplay or practical jokes disruptive to the workplace.  

  7. Carrying firearms, explosives or any other dangerous weapons whether concealed or unconcealed onto company premises or while conducting company business.  

  8. Engaging in criminal conduct during work time.

  9. Quitting work early, abandoning work shift or leaving premises without permission.  Working overtime or failing to comply with legally mandated work breaks without authorization.

  10. Sleeping or malingering (fabricating mental or physical disorders) on the job.

  11. Poor work quality and job performance.

  12. Excessive personal telephone calls, texting, emailing or being on social media while “on the clock”. 

  13. Wearing extreme, unprofessional, unsafe or inappropriate styles of dress or hair while working.

  14. Engaging in unlawful discrimination, retaliation or harassment.  

  15. Failure to observe parking and traffic regulations issued with respect to all work areas and company business.

  16. Signing a contract or agreement of any type on behalf of the company without executive officer pre-approval.  

  17. Failing to secure and maintain the confidentiality of the company, company trade secrets, customer, client or employee information including those required to meet legislative and regulatory standards.  Unauthorized use of The iLash Studio’s logo or images or those of The iLash Studio business partners.  

  18. Disclosing company proprietary information that is not generally known outside of company.  Examples include: company technology and intellectual property.  Business plans or statistics including information about business units earnings, gross or operating margins, expenses, order and backlog levels, customer base, and financial forecasts.  Pending acquisitions divestitures and mergers.  Customer transactions.  Unannounced products and services, pricing strategies, impending changes in senior management.  


Policies and practices sometimes have exceptions.  If you encounter a situation that is not covered by this guide or the situation seems to require an exception, please talk with your manager.  Your manger will consult with senior management to determine if an exception is warranted.


Black.  Yup.  It’s that simple.  Really.  The rest is common sense…


And just in case you’re not sure (or want to be super clear) on what we mean by “common sense,” here are a few details.  


We think you’re smart enough to realize that you shouldn’t wear your black pajamas to work.  We think you’re smart enough to realize that we’re a premium brand in a fashion forward industry, and nothing about rolling out of bed and into work says premium or fashion forward.  We are also not a nightclub or a gym so please don’t dress as if we are.  You can let your toned arms tell the world you work out religiously, not sweatpants, yoga pants or that nasty shirt you wear to the gym because you can’t get the stains out anymore.  We want your personality to shine through, including your choice of fashion and daily wear at work.  


When we say black, we mean that this is the ONLY color you can wear from your neck to your ankles.  Red flower on your black shirt?  Nope!  Red stripes on your black jeans? Nope!  Your choice in footwear is all yours as long as above the ankle is in dress code.  That said, footwear is to be clean, in great condition, have treads on the bottom, and should cover your entire foot. Oh, and not flip flops or UGG’s. Not that we all don’t love flip-flops but they are for the beach and UGG’s....well, those are just slippers! 


And one last thing.  You work in a place that’s all about lashes and brows and how gorgeous they can be.  Make sure yours represents the pride you take in your craft and where you work.  Clients look at your lashes and brows and judge our ability to make theirs beautiful.  Yours should say “of course we can, look at how gorgeous mine our!”

Please sign:

  • I have read and understand the “Welcome to the Team Packet”

  • I have read and understand the 3 Strikes Policy

  • I have read and understand and will adhere to The iLash Studio Rules of Conduct and Job Performance

  • I understand I must arrive 15 minutes before my scheduled shift, dressed and ready to work

  • I understand the Dress Code is Black.

  • I agree to ONLY use my cell phone out on the floor for client notes, client pictures, and client videos

  • I agree to no gum chewing on the floor

  • I understand I must give 30 days notice to my manger for Time Off Requests 

  • I agree to contact management as soon as I know there is a chance I will not be able to work my next shift

  • I agree to smoke in designated areas only

  • I agree to watch timing on services and strive to do most in the required time or less

  • I agree to attend all management meetings

  • I agree to show all clients the Look Book and agree to walk all clients to the product wall when completed.

  • I agree to ALWAYS greet the client by name.  This is the #1 rule.

  • I agree to always clean my tools and return them to the station.

  • I agree to ALWAYS keep the breakroom a positive and supportive environment.  Issues should go to management.

  • I agree to listen and understand what the customer would like and do what they ask for.

  • I agree to read the managers weekly email and check the schedule for any changes/issues.  

  • I am aware that after 3 complaints, I will be required to attend a training session.  Trainer will decide if/when you will be allowed to be back on the floor.  

  • I agree to HAVE FUN AT WORK!  Business is pleasure.


I, _______________________, agree to and understand all of the above bullet points and will do my best to provide my client’s the best customer service while maintaining a positive and supportive work environment for all.






Signature                                Date

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