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Just like your lash skills, this makeup remover shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s gentle on lids, powerful on eye makeup, and totally lash-safe.


  • Long-wear eyeliners and eyeshadows—this oil-free formula emulsifies on contact to dissolve it all. No tugging, no rubbing, and no damage to your clients’ lashes
  • Unlike other removers, our water-light formula is made with fatty acids that dissolve makeup while preserving moisture. Bonus: It’ll never leave a greasy residue
  • We love every type of lash, so our Breakdown formula works on natural lashes and lash extensions!

Breakdown Oil-Free Makeup Remover

  • Saturate your Clean Swoop Brush with Breakdown, then gently work it into the lash line and around the eye area to dissolve makeup. Wet your brush with water, run it over lashes to rinse, and pat dry.

    Best Practices

    Before any type of lash service, from lifts to extensions, applying Breakdown is a must-do first step for clients who are rocking eye makeup.

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