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It’s the dreamiest part of any lash care routine. Our Clean Swoop Brush is uniquely designed to deep clean without damaging your clients’ natural lashes or lash extensions.


  • No cotton pads, no, wipes, no fuzz, no frustration. Our cleansing brush features custom-designed bristles that gently reach between lashes to wash away every trace of makeup and residue
  • See that cool curve shape? It’s specially designed to hug the lash line so our Breakdown Makeup Remover and Lash Bath can get to work without tugging on lashes
  • Send it home with your clients to use over and over! Clean Swoop snaps into the custom drying stand to keep clean and dry until its next lash cleansing sesh


  • Makeup RemovalUse brush with Breakdown Makeup Remover and work it over the lash line and lids. Once makeup is loosened, rinse with warm water to remove product, and work through lashes again to rinse product from eyes. Pat eyes gently with a towel to dry.

    Lash CleanseDispense a dime-sized amount of Lash Bath into your palm, and use brush to swirl it into a lather. Apply to lids and gently swoop through lashes over their tops and underneath. To finish, wet your brush with water and rinse lids and lashes. Pat eyes gently with a towel to dry.

    Brush CleaningGently cleanse bristles with shampoo, rinse with water, gently squeeze out water, and snap back into the drying stand.

  • All sales final. No refunds or exchanges. 

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