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One’s a smooth gel, the other’s a foam party, they’re both gentle on your lids—our custom cleansers are the lash care routine step your clients didn’t know they were missing.


  • Strengthening, conditioning, refreshing—there's not much our Lash Bath Cleansers don’t do to keep lids and lashes happy and healthy
  • Heard of hyaluronic acid? It holds 1,000 times its weight in water (yes, really) and boosts moisture levels to keep your lashes plump and eye area hydrated
  • Just choose your level of lather between super smooth gel or fun and foamy (or both, if you love giving your clients options) then enjoy!


  • Dispense a dime-sized amount of Lash Bath into your palm, and use your wet Borboleta Clean Swoop Brush to swirl it into a lather. Apply to lids and gently swoop through lashes over their tops and underneath. To finish, wet your brush with water, rinse lids and lashes, and pat dry.

    Best Practices

    Before any type of lash service, from lifts to extensions, cleansing your client’s lashes is a must-do prep step to keep them healthy and hydrated!

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